YouTube Vanced APK

Most Popular modded YouTube version with many features

Vanced is an upgraded version of YouTube with many features including adblocking and background playback. This is an Android based mobile application. YouTube Vanced was formerly known as iYTBP (injected YouTube Background Playback) developed by Master_T who is a Senior Developer to XDA - Developer Forums. He added all Xposed module features into original YouTube APK and developed iYTBP - injected YouTube Background Playback. Due to delay in Xposed for Nougat development release, Master_T decided to create the modified application including all the features had on Xposed Module. XDA forum has been discontinued iYTBP (injected YouTube Background Playback) application.

How Does it Work?

Master_T has included all features from the Xposed module to original YouTube application. Vanced APK can be installed into Root and Non-Root devices. Some developers have taken over this iYTBP application, rebranded it as "Vanced " and they are continuing Vanced Application developments alongside with Official YouTube Application updates.

Features of YouTube Vanced

All the versions of Vanced have similar features. But Non-root has a bit different. Unless you install MicroG Package, Google Play Services won't play along. This application is very popular in the Android community because it has many features that you won't find in the Official YouTube Application on GooglePlay.

Built-in Adblocker: Ads are an important part of online publications and creations. If you are watching a video on YouTube, It will be a hassle to watch ads during video play. You can toggle this feature from enable to disable anytime in this application.

Background Playback: YouTube will not allow you to play videos and minimize the application. If you minimize the application, the video you watched will be closed. But Vanced Application has this feature to enable Playing videos in the background (Outside of the youtube application). This feature only available in the YouTube Premium version.

HDR Mode: You won't be able to watch HDR (High Dynamic Range) videos in Official YouTube App, But in "Vanced" you can watch HDR videos.

Max Resolution: From this feature, you can watch videos in the resolution that would normally disabled from your device.

Pinch to Zoom For All Devices: Normally Phones with taller aspect ratios will allow you to pinch to zoom in on a video that will take up the entire display. But if you don't have a taller aspect ratio device don't worry, the vanced application allows you to get this experience in any android device.

Casting Toggle: Casting Toggle allows you to toggle Google cast icon. Through the vanced application, you can turn it disable if there are any casting device nearby.

Multiple Themes: You can't change the application theme in Official youtube application. But, there are multiple themes available on the vanced application like dark, black, etc.

Video Window Style: Don't you like new YouTube video window that shows after minimizing a video? Do you like the YouTube App's earlier version?. In Vanced you can choose the earlier style or new style.

Repeat Videos: If you like to repeat the same video, again and again, you can do it with vanced. Just select your video and play and repeat it.

Resolution and Speed: You can choose preferred video resolution and playback speed and these settings will be saved in vanced for each and every video you watch.

Swipe Control - Volume and Brightness: When you watching a video on fullscreen, It is really hard to go back to volume controls or brightness controls. You can change volume and brightness settings without any interference while you watching the video on vanced.

Why YouTube Vanced Download?

As you heard, YouTube has a premium paid version called "YouTube Red" with ads-free, hassle-free video watching with many features that will not available for users who use the free YouTube version. Anyway, this YouTube Red version only available for certain countries. Whether you pay or not sometimes you can get the experience of this version.

In this situation, the Android community has come across with an Android Application that will give you many features that will be not allowed on YouTube. This application is "YouTube (Ad)Vanced", Advanced version of YouTube that will give you many more features. This Application is developed and maintained by XDA Developers.

Download YouTube Vanced APK

The featured YouTube Vanced download available for any rooted or non-rooted smart devices. All the versions included the same features and you should check the compatibility first before installing the tool. The recently unleashed Android mobiles what inbuilt x64 architecture chipset or the previously released x32 based chipset installed devices are ready to power with the Vanced APK. You have to install MicroG additionally to log in the Google Play Service successfully. Use Magisk to root the system correctly (optional).

How to Install YouTube Vanced APK?

YouTube Vanced apk version can be installed into both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Anyway, there will be a possibility that this application may not work in non-rooted devices if the device already has the YouTube App. Original application should be removed from the device before install YouTube Vanced APK.

Non-Rooted Devices

Many android devices have default YouTube App that will come with the operating system. And these default applications cannot be removed unless you root the device. If the device does not allow to uninstall the YouTube App completely, you can disable and uninstall all the updates instead.

YouTube default App can be removed using ADB (Android Development Bundle). This method allows to uninstall default applications, but you need to have some knowledge about ADB.

Another main step is to install MicroG. This installation will allow the user to use Sign-in features in the Vanced App.

Rooted and Other Devices
  • Download the installer from the "download link".
  • Download matching APK for your device from the "download APK link". Note: check your device architecture using CPU-Z Application and get the relevant APK.
  • All the APKs have the white themed layout, Secondary themes need to download from available options.
  • Copy/ Move download APK to "/sdcard/Downloads" or inside the installation zip.
  • Remove YouTube official App completely, If this won't work remove all updates for YouTube official App and disable auto-update option from PlayStore.
  • Do the flash installer in TWRP.

TWRP Manager is a root application that allows the user to backup, restore and install recovery.


For users who choose Magisk installation are having multiple ways to do the installation process.

  • Download Magisk modules provided by the Download repository and this is the recommended way of installing. But this may take some time to download and install.
  • Download the proper Magisk module for your device architecture by checking the architecture support table mentioned below.
  • Locate "install via magisk.plz" or activate magisk install from the from root installer.

How to use

These clarifications might be needed for the users who will use the during the installation process.

  • SEARCHFOLDER - location path to search for iYTBP APKs. This will be a subfolder inside SD card.
  • MAGINSTALL - Use Magisk installation method and Not use the root installation. This will have possible attributes Yes or No.
  • DETACH - Remove Youtube from Playstore to deactivate update notifications. This will have possible attributes Yes or No.
  • ATTACH - Include YouTube to PlayStore if it was removed earlier.
  • UNINSTALL - remove iYTBP completely in root version, magisk version and detach module. Possible attributes YES or NO. Using the plz files
    • iYTBP_install_via_magisk.plz - apply magisk installation by not using root installation.
    • iYTBP_detach_from_playstore.plz - Remove YouTube from PlayStore for disable updates.
    • iYTBP_attach_to_playstore.plz - Add YouTube to PlayStore if it was earlier removed.
    • iYTBP_uninstall.plz - Completely remove iYTBP: root version, magisk module and detach module.

Known Bugs

XDA Developers who working on Vanced are still improving this App for giving the user the best output. Generally, YouTube Vanced download doesn't offer any major bugs, Because these developers already improved the application with fewer issues.

  • But there may be some difficulties for non-root version users. The application may get crashed due to MicroG sometimes. "
  • Sometimes preferred quality and speed may not work for playlists for playlists.
  • The layout of the live chat is not improved properly.
  • Exo Player may cause crashes for some devices during background playback.

Anyway, this application will give the best experience for the users with a less interrupted process. This will be much more advanced than the official YouTube App. Because YouTube Vanced APK will give the user privileges that won't be given by the YouTube for free users.

This App does not include TWRP (Android-based recovery tool). You must install TWRP on the rooted android device before flashing Vanced installer on your rooted android device.

You can't download videos through the Vanced App. XDA Developers are already developing that feature and this feature will available on upcoming releases.

Developer Credits

We should give special thank to XDA Developer Master_T for developing this amazing android app with amazing features.

And also we must thank YouTube Vanced developers who have improved iYTBP version with new features.

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