Youtube Vanced Non Root

YouTube Vanced is a popular modded version of YouTube. It adds a number of features to the official YouTube app, including built-in adblocking, background playback, black/dark themes, and much more. This page has installation instructions and download links for rooted devices and for Magisk. Non-root downloads can be found here.

How to Install with Vanced Manager

The Vanced team has created a new, easier method for getting Vanced up and running. Users can now simply install the Vanced Manager app and it will facilitate the process of installing Vanced YouTube. The app makes it easy to choose which theme you want and to install future updates.

What’s new with Vanced v15.42.32

  • New root installation implementation no need for signature disabling (Thanks to zoran).
  • New stripped Vanced microG available via manager.
  • New beta sponsor Block implementation. (thanks to jakubweg)
  • ALPHA comment sections placement.
  • vanced settings texts improvement.
  • accessibility buttons are removed.
  • Ads blocking enhancements. (thanks to moosd)
  • Auto repeat is fixed.
  • Watermark is fixed.
  • Tablet miniplayer.

Download Youtube Vanced

Install YouTube Vanced on Non-Rooted Device

In this Case, You have to Install an Additional app called MicroG. This will help you to Login to your account. Otherwise, you cannot do that with the YouTube Vanced Apk.


Steps to Install Vanced App on Android

Step1: Download the Required Apk’s from the Requirement Section.

Step2: Install The YouTube Vanced APK on Your device.

Step3: Install the Micro G apk on your device.

Step4: Open Vanced app and Click on Login. It will redirect you to Gmail Sign in page even if you have already signed in.

Step5: Complete the Sign In procedure then Look into the Vanced Settings.

Known Bugs

  • Buying stuff through the YouTube Vanced non-root version may cause the app. Use the official YouTube app if you want to buy things
  • The original quality and speed may not work for playlists (Still trying to find a better solution)
  • Accounts dialog, Share windows and Live chats are not themed (Will be fixed in the near future)
  • ExoPlayer version 2 may cause crashing when coming back from the background playback on some Android device models
  • Scrolling up on videos with merch breaks the animation due to the way they were removed.
  • Some ads are still up, we are exhausted but looking into a new way of removing the ads from the source up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the normal (White) APK?

A: White hasn't gone or deleted. It is included in both versions and you can choose the alternate theme you like for night time and etc.

Q: How to Install the latest Updates?

A: Download the latest versions from our site and install them as you normally would

Q: Do I need to re-install detach script for every new update?

A: No way

Q: Can I install YouTube Vanced as I usually install other APK's

A: Yes, it's possible but only for the non-root version

Q: Installation was successful but the YouTube app does not appear in the app launcher

A: You haven't used the latest version of Magisk or Installer. Note that this only valid for Android Oreo

Q: Is the "Crop to fit" option working with Galaxy S8 and S8+?

A: Yeah sure. It's working with the rooted version but currently does not support non-rooted version because the package name has changed. No worries, the feature named "Pinch to Zoom" will do the same functionality

Q: Does History work?

A: Yes. Just make sure that you have whitelisted "" in the Ad-blocker that you're using. Also, non-root users need to make sure that they do not use brand accounts because of the MicroG bug.

Q: Does PIP mode still work?

A: Yes, but only with Android Oreo

Q: Is the background playback option downloading the video?

A: No. After you play videos in the background, it only downloads the audio.

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