YouTube Vanced Magisk Module

Experience YouTube Vanced APK with the latest features

Download YouTube Vanced Magisk Module for Android devices. If you are looking for the best YouTube Ad blocker for your Android device then you have come to the right place. Here you can find the Mod which is only available for your rooted device where Xposed plays a vital role.

This application is a well-known modded version of YouTube. Provides thousands of latest features like Ad blocking, Background playback and much more.

Besides, users can find a lot more features that you will not find in the official Youtube application like PiP (Picture in Picture) mode which can play videos in your background of the device while the screen is locked. Simply, Youtube Vanced Magisk Module has replaced the official YouTube application with Youtube Vanced.

Features of YouTube Vanced APK

  • Able to blocks almost all the Advertisements playing on Youtube
  • Provide background playback feature for users
  • Allow force VP9(or HDR) or other way around
  • Able to override max resolution
  • Able to toggle
  • Allow PiP for Oreo
  • Allow video window latest or former styles
  • Provide togglable Theme (black,white,dark)
  • Allow users to select preferred speed and resolution
  • Provide repeat video feature

Advantages of YouTube Vanced

Here are some of the best features of YouTube Vanced Apk.

  • Advertisements Block- This will allow users to watch videos without annoying Ads.
  • Users can listen to music in the background- Provide access to users to listen to songs when the Youtube app has been minimized.
  • PIP Mode (Picture in Picture Mode)-Provides users to watch videos on a floating screen rather than split mode. Videos will change to minimize versions when you surf other applications.
  • Video Resolution-Allow users to select or set a default video resolution to stream videos on youtube.
  • Able to zoom by a pinch on almost all the devices.
  • Theme- Vanced application appears with a lot of theme options which can alter the appearance and interface of the application.
  • Repeat Video- Able to play one video repeatedly.(repeat mode)
  • Video Speed- Able to adjust the video playing speed.

How to install Magisk Module on YouTube Vanced

Precaution:- Remember to download the Magisk Module depending on the CPU Architecture of your device.

  • Install YouTube Vanced as a Magisk Module
  • Arm64/Arm/x86/x86_64 | White/Black
  • Arm64/Arm/x86/x86_64 | White/Dark

STEP 1: Download YouTube Vanced Magisk Module on your device.

STEP 2: Next, uninstall the updates of the YouTube application. It would be better If you can completely uninstall the application.

STEP 3: Launch the Magisk Manager application and Drag the menu. There you can find the Modules Section.

STEP 4: Tap on Yellow Color Plus Icon and then choose the Module Zip file from the device. This may take some time to flash.

STEP 5: That’s all! Now you can enjoy videos and movies without any interruption.

Install and Download Youtube Vanced Via Magisk Manager

STEP 1: Install Magisk and Magisk Manager on your device.

STEP 2: Next, launch the Magisk Manager application and then you will be able to find the Menu from the top left corner. Click on it.

STEP 3: Navigate to the download section and search for the Magisk Module.

STEP 4: Afterwards, you will see a list of Magisk Modules. Choose a magisk module developed by Team Vanced.

STEP 5: Click on download Symbol. Then you will see a pop up requesting permission to Install or download. Click on the Install.

STEP 6: It will begin downloading and flash the zip file automatically. Then reboot your device.

Download Vanced Manager

Title Latest Version Codename MD5 Checksum
Vanced Manager 2.0.1 - 73acdb93343b592f7980c94de1f574f4

Video Tutorial


You might have experienced the irritating advertisements in between the movies and videos. There will be no chance of advertisements in time between watching time if you install YouTube Vanced APK. There you will be able to find thousands of latest features within the Vanced team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I find the normal (white) APK?

White consists of both versions, select the alternate theme you like for the night time.

Q2. Do I require to install a detach script for every latest update?

No. You will not be required to do so.

Q3. How can I install this application normally as other APKs?

You can install this application on only non-root versions. You are not able to install it in the normal way on rooted or magisk root devices.

Q4. Can I download videos using this application?

No, You can not. But you can find an official YouTube offline video feature available for supported countries.

Q5.Why does the YouTube app not show in the application drawer?

It might be because you have not used the latest magisk manager or installer (this only applicable for Oreo).

Q6. Can I use "crop to fit" on S8 & S8+ devices?

Yes. This feature works only in the rooted device. Nevertheless, there is an option to pinch to Zoom features available with the same functions.

Q7.Can I search watch history?

Yes, you can watch history. Yet, you have to whitelist "" in your ad blocker and ensure your gmail account is connected.

Q8. Can I use PiP (Picture in Picture)?

Yes, but it is only available with Oreo.

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