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YouTube Vanced is a popular advanced version of YouTube with extra features such as ad-blocking, zoom and pinch, playback, and etc. Let’s understand everything related to Vanced from the scratch after you finish reading this. Eventually, you will be able to install the Youtube Vanced APK on your own without any hassle.

Thousands of viewers spend almost 4 billion hours of YouTube videos monthly. As said by consumer feedback and suggestions, these numbers can be increased than this. Viewers nowadays are obviously expecting more from the video-sharing giant.

YouTube could not take any actions or restrictions regarding nuisance ads which are playing in the background of the video. They may not find a solution for this in near future. Yet, with the introduction of Vanced app, this has been resolved.

You can gain a lot more information about Vanced and its features in this tutorial. Whether this tool is illegal or unsafe, comparison between the Youtube and Vanced, and finally we have discussed how to install the Youtube Vanced APK in both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

What is YouTube Vanced?

It is one of the most popular advanced versions of the YouTube application which consists of additional features such as streaming ad-free video, dark theme, background video playing, etc.

Vanced is popular as a modded Android application which is known as an Injected YouTube Background Playback (IYTBP).

The significant features of this application are background YouTube video playing and picture in picture mode. Beyond that, you will be able to experience a lot of features that users would be interested in if you install the application.

YouTube Vanced APK Features

There can be found many features in Vanced APK in all versions. Simply a slight difference will be experienced in the Non-root version as the name of the package required to replace. Additionally, it is necessary to install MicroG for Vanced in order to use Google Play services.

  • Watch videos without any Ads
  • Able to use gestures to control Zoom
  • Able to pinch the screen to zoom and to control volume and brightness
  • Able to use Toggle Themes
  • Easier to switch between black,white, or dark themes
  • Supports background Playing
  • Able to use auto-repeat feature
  • You can use Picture in Picture mode
  • You can customize Video Playback speed
  • Able to set playback speed as you prefer
  • You can adjust Video Resolutions
  • Able to choose Resolution as your desire

Is Vanced APK Safe to Use?

You may feel insecure when it comes to the security of the Vanced application. They have guaranteed that your data is well protected, safe and secure. You may confuse why Google does not allow Vanced on their PlayStore. It is because Google owns a YouTube application for themselves and that's why you have to download YouTube Vanced APK from third-parties. We can promise users that this application is a 100% safe and trustworthy app for all the users around.

How Does Vanced App Works?

Generally it renders the complete user interface using YouTube API. If you think this as a restaurant with all the necessities. What differs from the YouTube from YouTube Vanced is simply its name. This can be presented as an extended version of the YouTube applications which consists of high performance.

YouTube vs YouTube Vanced

  • Able to play music and videos in the background of the devices in case if you minimize the applications.
  • Support blocking advertisement for YouTube via Vanced APP.
  • You can select both dark and black themes for Vanced. Where as YouTube does not have this feature.
  • This application supports HDR mode whereas YouTube has restrictions in quality settings.
  • Able to experience maximum resolution and if your device has got limitations in quality settings, you can find a solution to resolve it.
  • You are not permitted to change the volume and brightness of the playback directly on YouTube. Whereas, On the Vanced application you can swipe to change the brightness and volume.

How to Install Youtube Vanced on Android

You can download the both YouTube Vanced APK for non-rooted, rooted and Magisk using below downloadable links.

1. Install Youtube Vanced on Non-rooted Android Devices

STEP 1: First, uninstall updates of YouTube application from settings and then deactivate auto-update in the Google Play Store.

STEP 2: Find the Youtube Vanced APK file and install it.

STEP 3: Download and install the MicroG apk. You might be required this for logging into your account. Finally, You are ready to access the app.

2. Install Youtube Vanced on Rooted Android Devices

If your device is rooted then follow the below steps to execute the process.

STEP 1: You have to uninstall the updates of the YouTube app from navigating to settings and then deactivate auto-update in the Google Play Store.

STEP 2: Download Youtube Vanced official installer from the below link.

STEP 3: Select a version which works the best for you. You can see, By default the theme is white in color.

STEP 4: Next, flash the installer in TWRP and remember to save the download in on your SD card.

Finally, You can use the application.

3. How to Install with Magisk

STEP 1: You need to uninstall updates of youTube app from settings and deactivate auto-update in the Google Play Store.

STEP 2: Download the Magisk Manager and the navigate to the modules section.

STEP 3: Next choose the YouTube Vances Magisk Module zip from the storage by navigating to the destination where you downloaded it previously.

STEP 4: Reboot and then enable the module.

Now you can access the application.

Finally you can experience and take all the profits from this amazing application. Make sure to take full use of the application and experience your leisure watching videos at your ease.

You can not download videos using Vanced. Becuase, YouTube has a save offline feature for many countries which is executing successfully.

You can found that the PIP version compatible with the Oreo version only at the moment. You can find the latest updates by downloading the most latest updates of APK and install it.

YouTube Vanced v15.43.32 Latest Features

  • Latest root installation development and no need for signature disabling.
  • Latest stripped Vanced microG available through manager.
  • Latest beta sponsor Block implementation.
  • Introduced ALPHA comment sections.
  • Improvements in vanced text settings.
  • Removal of accessibility buttons.
  • Improvements in Ads blocking. enhancements.
  • Fix Auto repeat.
  • FIx Watermark.
  • Tablet miniplayer.

Known Bugs

  • Speed and the original quality might not work for playlists. (Currently working on finding a better solution)
  • It may crash the Vanced application if you are going to buy stuffs via YouTube Vanced non-root version.
  • ExoPlayer version 2 might be crashing after coming back from the background playback on Android device models.
  • Live chats, Share windows, and account dialog are not themed (Currenlty working on finding a solution).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Where can found the deafult white APK?

It is not removed or deleted. It has included in both version and you can select the alternate themes which you would like for night time and others.

Q2. How can install the latest Updates?

You can download the latest versions from the above links and install.

Q3.Is it necessary to re-install detach script for every new updates?

Not necessary.

Q4. Can I Install Vanced as aplications like others?

It is possible for the non-rooted versions.

Q5. YouTube application does not appear in the app launch after completes installation.

Might this issue occur because of the magisk version or installer. You would better download the latest version of magisk. Remember this only valid for Android Oreo.

Q6. Can we use "crop to fit" with glaxy S8 and S8+?

Yes, it works finely with the rooted version yet it still does not suport for non-rooted version.

Q7. Does History work in YouTube Vanced

Yes, It does work. Check whether you have whitelisted "" in the Ad-blocker which you are using. If you are a non-roote user then make sure to skip using the brand accounts beacuse of MicroG bug.

Q7. Is this application legal?

Yes, It has clearly mentioned in the policies that it is entirely legal to download and use the application.

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